Working for a brighter business and our planet’s future

Taylors’ care extends to the planet too. Sustainability isn’t just about the environment - it affects every part of our business, from how we think to how we act. Our care is demonstrated by our sustainable sourcing programme; on-site water recycling system which has reduced our annual water consumption by 35%; use of electric and hybrid vehicles; and projects to swap some of our current chemicals and packaging to more eco-friendly alternatives. Choosing to work with Taylors is a commitment to work in a more sustainable, planet-friendly way.


Water Conservation

Installing a water recycling system at our Auckland site has reduced our annual water consumption by 35%. With plans to add another CBW (Continuous Batch Washer) which will process 75kgs of linen every 2 minutes, we’ll reduce our water and power use by a further 15%.


Recycling & Repurposing

To help reduce our waste footprint, we’ve partnered with Envirowaste. We’re looking into ways to repurpose second-hand items and single use plastics too. These plastics may be repurposed in a pavement near you soon…


Packaging Changes

Addressing plastic waste is an important issue. That’s why we’re working with an industry expert to help us source biodegradable packaging and working with our clients to reduce plastic use or replace with compostable alternatives.