Managed Workwear

Make the right first impression with managed workwear services

However big or small your business is and whatever industry you’re in, from heavy industry to food processing, Taylors has a managed workwear solution that fits.


Outsource the laundry and management of your workwear to us, and we’ll ensure your employees always have clean, ready-to-wear uniforms. Not only that, we’ll work with you to design your ideal uniform management system, the key benefits of which are:


  • Minimal effort required from you so you can focus on running your business.

  • No capital outlay, both for the initial purchase and ongoing maintenance.

  • Each of your staff gets their own uniform, which is identified by a unique electronically identifiable label, which means we get the right uniform in the right locker, every time.

  • The provision of a range of reports on delivery, usage, presentation status and inventory levels, saving you valuable time and resources.