Frequently asked questions

What services do Taylors provide?

In a nutshell, we provide fully managed commercial laundry and distribution services. This includes linen and laundry management, healthcare and sterility assurance services (such as healthcare consumables and surgery specific linen packs), managed workwear, floorcare, washroom services and dry-cleaning.

How many plants do Taylors have in New Zealand?

We operate 3 plants across New Zealand. You’ll find us in Auckland, Nelson and Hamilton.

Can Taylors support national coverage?

Yes absolutely! This is thanks to our wider Spotless and strong partnerships with many subcontractors, who adhere to our high-quality standards.

Do Taylors offer laundry services to clients that own their own products?

We’re more than happy to discuss the laundering of your customer-owned items. We provide specialised dry-cleaning services through to large-volume commercial services, so we can take special care of your inventory, whatever size it is!

What certifications do Taylors hold?

We operate to the NZ/AUS 4146 wash standard and adhere to all the current legislation.

What are Taylors’ hours and days of operation?

Our plants operate at least 10 hours per day, sometimes up to 20, for a minimum of 6 days a week. Auckland operates 7 days a week. This means we have a huge capacity to take care of our clients’ business!

Can you service our site 7 days a week?

Probably, depending on where you are! Speak to one of our team members to see if we can meet your needs 7 days a week.