Healthcare and Sterility Assurance

Safe, sterile linen, laundry and consumables for New Zealand’s hospitals, aged care facilities and medical practitioners 

The healthcare sector poses unique challenges, from the need for sterilised items and careful laundering and disinfection to working within tight budgets and delivering 24/7 service to support critical services. Taylors understand and meet these challenges through our extensive healthcare services.


Because your business needs to maintain its high levels of patient care and services, we support this through rigorous, audited standards of infection control. All our plants and processes embed best practices and certifications to meet the New Zealand / Australian ISO 4146 standards for microbiological contamination control. You can be rest assured that sterility has been comprehensively assessed throughout our collection, laundering, and delivery processes.

Taylors’ healthcare services include:
  • Managing the collection, laundering and return of linen, from patient gowns, sheets, blankets, pillowcases and towels, through to all your residential aged care and customer-owned items.


  • Our Healthcare Supply department sources and distributes a range of surgical gowns, incontinence products and wound care products.

  • Isolation Gowns; a non-surgical gown for patients, visitors and clinical staff.  They are designed to be used in situations where contact with bodily fluid is minimal and to assist in providing protection from infectious diseases such as MRSA or COVID-19 and are rated for reuse up to 100 times.


  • Supplying sterile and non-sterile packs of linens for operating theatres, day-stay units and clinics. These packs are assembled in our dedicated Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) and include drapes, barrier fabric, disposable products, linen wraps and gowns. With colour-changing tape that show they’ve been sterilised and clear expiry dates, you can be confident in the safety and quality of Taylors’ healthcare products.