Linen and Laundry Management

End-to-end linen services for
New Zealand businesses

Choosing Taylors linen services means you’re getting a customisable end-to-end service that delivers you superior linen while saving you time and money. This starts with sourcing the highest quality linen from globally recognised linen manufacturers. With our ongoing investment in R&D of linen fabrication, the quality and durability of your linen is maximised, and your linen servicing costs are minimised.


It includes employing the latest in equipment and processing techniques and even custom-designed linen that supports many of your brand standard requirements


It ends with our Managed Linen System. It controls linen supply, collect and launder; monitors usage and stock levels; and provides high level and detailed reports customised to what you want to see. All of which helps maintain your linen budgets and reduce your costs. Because we manage this system for you, you’re free to focus on running your core business.


You can choose the level of service that suits you and your budget, from having linen provided, to you buying it from our competitively priced range.


We also provide linen to the food and beverage and healthcare industries.